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Choosing a REALTORŪ

You need to find a REALTORŪ who makes you comfortable and will guide you through the home-buying process.

There are two types of REALTORS. One is the real estate agent that represents the home buyer, generally identified as buyer agents. The seller side is represented by the selling agent (listing agent). Usually, real estate commissions are paid by the seller. For this reason, the selling agent, even when representing the buyer, has certain duties to the seller.

General qualifications:

  • Knows the community.
  • A member of the local Association of REALTORSŪ.
Ask a relative or friend to suggest a REALTORŪ. Then ask them:

  • Did they communicate?
  • Did they work for you and look for your interests?
  • Did they negotiate for you?
  • What, if any, problems arose and how were they handled?
  • Were they always truthful?
  • Were they client oriented or money oriented?
  • Would you use their services again?
Interview the REALTORŪ:

  • Ask for 3-6 references
  • How many buyers have they successfully represented in the last six months?
  • Do they deal primarily with buyers or sellers?
  • Do they have any professional designations?
  • Will you be able to communicate with them by email? Can you leave voice messages? How quickly do they respond?
  • Can they provide a list of home inspectors and lenders?
  • Do they focus on their own listings before showing listings from other real estate companies?
  • What differentiates them from other REALTORS?
Ask yourself:

  • Did any ask about your needs?
  • Which one made YOU feel most comfortable?
  • Which one explained things most clearly?
  • Which one will help you determine affordability and financing?
  • Which one knew most about the community?

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